Rules of Gray’s Inn Golfing Society

(as amended on 6 February 2023)

  1. The Society shall be called the Gray’s Inn Golfing Society.
  2. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a committee to consist of the President, the Captain, the Honorary Secretary (who shall act as Treasurer), the Past Captain, and a member under 35 years old, three of the above to form a quorum. Decisions of the Committee may be reached by views expressed in any convenient mode (for instance orally, in writing or by e-mail), without the members being required to be present in person.  The Committee shall have power to appoint an Executive Committee (consisting of one or more members of the Committee) and to delegate any of its powers of general management to such committee.
  3. The officers and other members of the Committee shall be nominated in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least two days before the annual general meeting and shall be elected at the annual general meeting, provided that, should there be a vacancy on the Committee for any reason, the Committee has the power to co-opt a member to fill that vacancy until the next annual general meeting. The officers and other members of the Committee shall be elected for one year only, but shall be eligible for re-election in any succeeding year.  For this purpose, the year shall commence at the Spring Meeting and end at the next year’s Spring Meeting.
  4. Members of Gray’s Inn, or the staff of Gray’s Inn, desirous of joining the Society shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Society for election by the Committee.
  5. The subscription shall be £15 annually or such other sum as may be fixed from time to time at the annual general meeting, and shall be payable on January 1st in each year by Standing Order. No member shall be eligible to enter for any competition unless his/her subscription is paid.
  6. The annual general meeting shall be held each year upon a date to be fixed by the Committee, which may be at or shortly before the Spring Meeting.
  7. A special general meeting shall be summoned by the Honorary Secretary at any time upon the requisition of the Captain or the Committee, or any ten members of the Society.
  8. The rules of the Society may be added to or altered at any general meeting provided that written notice of the proposed addition or alteration be given to the Honorary Secretary five clear days before the date of the meeting.
  9. Seven days’ notice of each annual general meeting shall be given by the Honorary Secretary to all members of the Society.
  10. Competitions and matches shall be held at such times and places, and under such conditions, as the Committee shall determine.


There is an annual dinner at which the Captain presents the prizes won during the year.  There are a total of four competitions held at the Spring and Autumn Meetings and also a knock-out tournament, which is played over the course of the year at venues and times agreed by the contestants.  The Spring Meeting is usually held in the Easter vacation.  The venue varies from year to year.  The Autumn Meeting is held at Woking Golf Club in the last or penultimate week in September, shortly before the Scrutton Cup (which is contested by four teams each drawn from one of the four Inns of Court).